I was born in 1979 in Budapest and grew up in a loving and rowdy family. I am agile both physically and mentally. I’m enthusiastic about innovation and I’m mostly interested in social changes. I think everyone should be able to express themselves and I support this with all my creative power.

When I was 11, I spent and studied six months in Toronto, Canada. There were four of us sharing a desk, all from different continents. This basic experience became my companion in life. I even wrote my thesis about cultural differences. I’ve been a volunteer in the non-profit sector since the age of 15. I’ve put my management skills primarily in the service of environmental protection, equal rights, and artistic expression.

I’ve spent years abroad, mainly in German speaking countries. I worked for a multinational company, a political party, various family businesses, an association, and for a public institution. Throughout my diverse career I have had to represent different interests and to promote different points of view so I readily understand and accept other approaches to the same topic.

Despite this variety of experiences, my life has revolved around certain topics, including the conflicts between minorities and the majority, questions of power, family life, and environmental protection. As a communication professional I’ve primarily learnt to focus on essential matters and to elaborate one subject. As a mediator I’ve learnt to moderate myself and to pay full attention to others.